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Nobody puts together sets that more closely reflect his clients’ tastes and budgets than Larry Shepherd. He’ll match every coin to your preferences for series, luster, strike, toning – you name it.

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If variety is the spice of your coin collecting life, ask about our Box of 20 program. We’ll tailor a unique Box of 20 of special U.S. coins to match your budgetary and collecting needs.

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Sometimes our reputation for having the highest quality standards in the numismatic industry causes collectors to think we only handle expensive coins. Not so! We offer beautiful, affordable coins in every price range.

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SIMCO Topics

 The coins shown at the top of this page are indicative of the quality and eye appeal of the coins we offer. Some of these examples were previously placed with SIMCO clients and are currently not for sale.

Why Top Collectors Work With SIMCO Numismatics

What Clients and Others Say

“As usual you have the nicest coins on the floor.”
2019 FUN Show Visitor,,
“Your commitment to education, whether through more thorough coin descriptions in you for sale inventory than any other dealer provides, to your Larry’s Thoughts Blog Page, to the many different Facebook coin education pages you manage, sets you apart from any other dealer I can think of. Thank you!!!! I wish other dealers would make the effort you do.”
Advanced Arizona Registry Collector, 9/15/18,
“Hi Larry,I received the coin today.I have only one word for it: WOW!!!!”
Wowed Commemorative Collector, 6/5/18,
“Your coins are breathtaking.”
Anonymous Collector, Long Beach Expo, February 2018,
“I just wish I had your eyes.”
Well-known Eastern Dealer,
“I’ve watched you work with collectors for the past 20 years or more, and I don’t think there’s another dealer in the business who represents themself, or the hobby, as well or as professionally as you do, or who does a better job interacting with collectors.”
Tom Phillips, Fellow Coin Dealer, February 2015,
“When other people say they are sending me a great coin, I cross my fingers and hope for the best. When you say that I know I’m going to get a “great” coin.”
Roger G., Albany, N.Y.,
“Larry has probably handled more of the truly “great” commems than all the other dealers combined.”
Paul, Highly Accomplished Commem Collector,
“I always come to your table first.”
C. Willis, Florida Collector,
“Nobody knows more about coins or quality than Larry Shepherd. Larry is the man!”
Gregg Bingham, Former NFL Standout,
“As a born perfectionist, Larry Shepherd has always set lofty goals and high standards of quality for himself and his endeavors.”
Larry and Ira Goldberg, Beverly Hills, California. 1991,
“Larry has a superb eye and a talent for discovering and buying high-quality, under-graded coins. Whether you’re looking to fill gaps in your collection or building the collection of a lifetime, Larry is your man.”
Advanced Midwest Collectors,
“When I see SIMCO on the list of dealers, I know there will be at least one table at the coin show worth visiting.”
Rick S., Silver Springs, Maryland,
“I just received the coins I purchased. I’m floored! They are as suburb as anything I have purchased in my entire life.”
Lifelong Collector, First-time SIMCO Purchaser, 2016,
“Your website is the best, your coins are amazing, and I love the extra steps to add educational information to the coin descriptions and your blog page. Kudos!”
Eric Kress 2016,
“I’d match your grading skills against any dealer in the country.”
Robert Talbott 2012,
“No one in the numismatic business can match credentials across the board with Larry Shepherd, business experience, coin experience, intelligence, integrity, fairness, etc. No one!”
Prominent Chicago Collector/Dealer 2016,
“I was very impressed with his integrity, and that made me a customer of his forever.”
Tom Gallup, Cupertino, California 2013, #2 PCGS Registry Set Classic Commemoratives,
“I got the coins today, and they are awesome!”
R.P. Arizona, New SIMCO Customer, 2/10/17,
“You’re right, the MS-65 you sent me is a lot nicer than the MS-66+ CAC I have on approval from *****! Thanks!!!”
Advanced Florida Collector, 10/12/16,
“..don’t lose your eyesight… I wish I had your eye for coins.”
D. M., New SIMCO Customer, 7/12/16,
“Your MS-64 Peace Dollars always look about 1/2 point better than other peoples 65’s. Amazing!”
Advanced Florida Collector, 11/2/18,
“Larry, got the coins today. What a high-quality group. Such special eye appeal on each piece. Thanks again.”
Advanced Commemorative Collector 5/5/16,
“Your knowledge of IHC Proofs is unsurpassed and I have greatly enjoyed that you shared your knowledge and experience with me.”
Advanced Indian Cent Collector 2/15/16,
“You have such an eye for great coins!”
Bill Wentz, California Collector, 2016,
“Larry’s a collector like us. I think that makes a big difference. He understands and thinks like us.”
Robert, Boston 2014,
“I went to my bank last week and looked at all the coins I’ve accumulated over the past 30 years. I set aside all the ones that stood out above the rest, as being the best of my collection. To my surprise, although it shouldn’t have been, all but one of them came from SIMCO. I wish now I had bought all my coins from you!”
Thomas H., Pennsylvania, 2013,
“I’m just a little guy, but you have always treated me like I was someone important.”
Dick S., Central Illinois,
“I go to Larry’s table as soon as the show doors open. I can’t wait to see his coins!”
Stan Hatanaka, Pasadena, California, 2002,
“You helped me build an amazing Commemorative set. When it came time to sell you were just as helpful. In fact, you went above and beyond. It has been a true pleasure working with you.”
Harold Rothenberger, Redding, California, 1994,
“Your coins are Dynamite!!!.”
Bob P., North Carolina,
“In my opinion, no one has a better eye for quality and accurate grading than Larry Shepherd. I’ve known Larry nearly 30 years and I have purchased over $2,000,000 of coins from him. If he tells you something you can take it to the bank.”
R.T. Hilliard, Ohio 2013,
“Hey Larry, lets call Arnold (Schwarzenegger) and tell him we just figured out how to solve California’s budget problems.”
California Governor, and coin collector, Jerry Brown, as Kevin Brown of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing showed us how to print a sheet of currency, 2009, Los Angelas ANA Convention,
“The ANA acknowledges Mr. Shepherd’s leadership and accomplishments in helping improve the financial position of the ANA, resolving litigation that was pending at the time of his hire, investigating thefts from the ANA, and promoting the ANA’s membership benefits and conventions.”
American Numismatic Association, Colorado Springs, Colorado 2015,
“During my ** years of working at the ANA, you were the best Executive Director we’ve ever had.”
Senior ANA Employee,
“The ANA lost one of the most accomplished exec directors it ever had.”
Q. David Bowers, Renowned Numismatist, Author, and Founder of Stack's Bowers Galleries, October 5, 2011,
“As far as I am concerned, Larry saved the ANA from implosion.”
ANA Member internet post, September 30, 2011,
“Larry did a great job at the ANA.”
Ed Moy, Former Director of the Mint, United States Mint,
“One of the best classes I ever took at the ANA Summer Seminar was Larry Shepherd’s and Andy Kimmel’s class on “Thinking Like a Pro.”
ANA member post on PCGS U.S. Coin Forum, February 13, 2013,
“That was a great class at Summer Seminar.”
Follow-up post by 2nd ANA member, same day, PCGS U.S. Coin Forum,,
“The class you taught on Commemoratives was the best class I have ever taken at Summer Seminar.”
Chris, ANA Member and long-time ANA Summer Seminar attendee,
“Every coin I ever ordered from your written lists arrived exactly as described. I was never disappointed.”
E. Romano, Rochester, N.Y.,
“When I bought this coin you told me, “It’s a 68 coin in a 67 holder.” Guess what, I just sent it back to PCGS and now it’s in a 68 holder, just like you said. I can’t thank you enough!”
Long-time SIMCO Customer,
“I bought six coins from you last year and five of them upgraded.”
Dale Larson, California, 2004,
“Your willingness to give your time to educate people at coin shows and answer their questions, politely I might add, really sets you apart from a lot of dealers.”
Mary C.,
“I’ve seen Larry’s Proof Indian Collection. It’s awesome!”
Well-known Midwestern Dealer,
“I just opened the package and received the 1928 Oregon Trail. Speechless over a MS 65 coin. Wow!!! Many thanks. You certainly still have an eye for Commemoratives.”
Michael, 40 year commem enthusiast,
I find myself drooling over a lot of your coins. I think the TPG services should add certain adjectives to describe these types of coins, like R for rainbow, C for color or, in the case of your IHP coins, PRU for proof uber.”
Quality-Conscious California Collector, 2/20/17,
“Larry Shepherd, a very sharp numismatist with a great eye for beautiful coins!”
Donald H. Kagin, Ph.D., Renowned Territorial Coin Expert, January 2015,
“Your unique insights and finger on the pulse of the market are invaluable.”
Enzio Romano, Enzio Romano Rare Coins,
“I own a few of “Larry Shepherd Collection” IHC proofs. They are all spectacular and I will not part with them anytime soon. Larry has a great eye for coins with the most eye appeal in this industry, IMHO.”
Dave, posting on the PCGS U.S. Coin Forum, Sept. 2015,
“Your website is excellent. Easy to navigate, stellar coins, along with your thoughts and commentaries page are great.”
Pat M., Pennsylvania Collector, March 2015,
“I’ve been all around this floor, yet here I am back at your table. It seems like that happens at every show.”
Steve M., Whitman/Baltimore Show, March 28, 2015,
“The worst coin in your case is still the best coin on this entire floor.”
Duke H., Whitman/Baltimore Show, March 28, 2015,
“Every one of your coins is more impressive than the photographs….and I know photography and lighting.”
Steve C., Professional Photographer and Cinematographer, California,