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Highest Graded is not the same as Finest Known

The two terms are not always synonymous. Most often there is a difference between highest graded, or pop. top, and finest known. Sometimes that can be a big difference, both in quality and price.

Finest known is a measure of quality; highest graded is a product of the whims of grading.

If you want to collect in the top-of-the-line arena, make sure you understand which coin you are buying. A highest graded, pop. top, coin is not a guarantee of finest known quality. Don’t pay finest known money unless the coin [...]

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A Few Thoughts for the ANA Governors and Leaders

1.) Doing the right thing is not that hard.

2.) The ANA belongs to the members, not to the ANA Staff. Your job is to serve the members; not the other way around.

3.) It’s the American Numismatic Association, not the Colorado Springs Numismatic Association.

4.) The members have every right to know everything you are doing with their organization and their money.

5.) If you do things right, and focus on doing the right things, there is no reason to be secretive and fear transparency.

6.) If the Governors are afraid to do [...]

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Organizations and (So-Called) Leaders

The mores of an organization flow down through the organization from the top to the bottom. This applies to numismatic associations like the ANA, PNG and auction companies just as much as large commercial corporations and national organizations. Collectors should never lose sight of the following:

*It will not be an ethical organization if it has an unethical leader.
*It will not be an honest organization if it has a dishonest leader.
*People will not respect or support insincere phonies, regardless their lofty title.

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