The 2015 ANA World’s Fair of Money which ended last week was barely okay. It was better than the disastrous 2014 event, when the ANA foolishly allowed a handful of greedy fat-cat dealers to ruin the show for everyone else in attendance by busing in thousands of homeless, vagrants and street people; so they could corner the market for the new Kennedy Proof gold pieces and gouge the collecting public.

It came nowhere close though to the record setting, exciting show of 2011 in the same venue, or the 2012 show in Philadelphia. Attendance was off noticeably, although I won’t be surprised if the ANA finds a way to spin it as a huge success, as they have disingenuously done so often in the past. Most glaring though was the decline in the number of serious collectors in attendance, as compared to the great number of “lookers” who showed up. There was never a buzz, and overall the show had about as much pizzaz as a cheese pizza.

This should not be viewed as a negative bellwether for the health of the market though. Collectors came out in droves for the high quality coins in the auctions, but they came through the internet rather than in person. Many of the better auction coins realized astounding prices, providing further evidence that the demand for properly graded, true quality is as strong, or stronger, than ever.