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SIMCO Archives – Finest Known Isabella Quarter*

*From the original Shepherd Collection

Visit the SIMCO Archives ( under the See Our Coins tab) to see a sampling of the many amazing coins we have handled over the past three decades!

Catch a glimpse of how “cool” coins, and collecting coins, can be!

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2015 ANA Board of Governors Election

From ANA Press Release:

“The American Numismatic Association Board of Governors adopted new budgeting guidelines that include the use of up to three percent of the ANA’s investment principal to fund yearly operations. The new budgeting guidelines were approved by a unanimous 7-0 vote during a teleconference meeting held Tuesday, April 14, 2015. The motion, proposed by Governor Greg Lyon, also permits the use of an additional one percent of investment principal for unanticipated non-capital expenses.”

“We are not necessarily like a business where every year every dollar that comes in has [...]

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