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Larry Shepherd Video on Why U.S. Commemorative Coins are Great to Collect

Classic Silver Commemorative Coins 1892-1954
What first got me interested in U.S. Commemorative Coins was the fact that there were 50 different designs. There is a great story behind each one of them. I’m talking about the classic commemorative coins dated 1892-1954. Many would rank them among the most beautiful coins ever made. And you can collect some really nice commemorative coins on almost any price level. In fact, most commems are selling at historically low levels for the last 30 years, and represent great value at current prices.

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New PCGS Holders

PCGS recently introduced new, more secure holders. While I like the changes they made in the design, I must caution you to be very careful when trying to remove (crack out) a coin from one of the new PCGS holders. The plastic does not break as cleanly as on the PCGS holders of the past twenty years, and the chances of scratching a coin during removal is many times as great as before.

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