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Picked Off by a 12 Year Old

Wonderful Experience with a Young Collector at the ANA Show

During the second day of the Chicago/Rosemont ANA Show last week a young boy and his mother stopped to look at my coins. Both of them were highly enthusiastic and it was quickly apparent this was no normal 12 year old, when it came to coins. He’d done his homework and it was easy to recognize he “gets it.”
He and his mom asked all the right questions, and even more importantly, they listened and absorbed the answers. I did [...]

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2015 Chicago/Rosemont ANA World’s Fair of Money

The 2015 ANA World’s Fair of Money which ended last week was barely okay. It was better than the disastrous 2014 event, when the ANA foolishly allowed a handful of greedy fat-cat dealers to ruin the show for everyone else in attendance by busing in thousands of homeless, vagrants and street people; so they could corner the market for the new Kennedy Proof gold pieces and gouge the collecting public.

It came nowhere close though to the record setting, exciting show of 2011 in the same venue, or the 2012 [...]

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