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Successfully Working With Coin Dealers — Educational Post

In the modern Internet age of eBay, forums, online auctions, etc. many collectors believe they no longer need to work with coin dealers, and they can save the coin dealer’s markup just by dealing directly with each other. In some cases that’s true, but if you want to acquire truly exceptional coins and have a shot at the best material when it becomes available, you can’t be fully successful without having excellent, established coin dealer relationships.

At this point I can imagine some readers rolling there eyes and thinking,”That’s just [...]

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Email from a Former SIMCO Customer 10/10/15

This is a nice email I received today from a wonderful customer who purchased numerous coins from me in the mid-90’s.
I love to get feedback like this! I want every one of my customers to have this kind of experience.

Read your description below. A blast from the past. Your original SIMCO description as stated in your catalogue:

“1897-O PCGS MS-64  This coin is AWESOME! Untoned, and blazing white, this monster is struck up like a proof, light years better than the pancake strike often found on this date. [...]

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Choosing an Auction Company

I personally believe that honesty, ethics, trustworthiness, integrity and how consignors are treated are all just as important as size, stature, advertising budget and how many zillions of registered bidders a firm claims to have. I don’t like firms that have a “our way or the highway” attitude. I don’t like to deal with firms that are one-sided on every aspect. I don’t like firms that are arrogant, talk down to you, or treat you like you should feel privileged to to business with them — and only on [...]

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World Coin Size Chart – Educational Post

World Coin Size Chart
It is very difficult to judge the size of a coin based only on a photo. While U.S. coin buyers generally are aware of U.S. coin sizes, the same does not apply to world coins. I will post sizes in my World Coins descriptions. To help you visualize the size of a world coin, here are approximate diameters of current U.S. coins for comparison, in millimeters:
• 3 Cent Silver 14mm
• ½ Dime (Liberty Seated) 15mm
• Roosevelt Dime 18mm
• Indian/Lincoln [...]

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The Coinage of Saxony — Educational Post


Saxony is an area of immense natural beauty, with a rich cultural landscape, and centuries old traditions. In addition to world famous craftsmanship from the Ore Mountains, people also maintain Sorb traditions, and the Vogtland dialect.

Saxony was one of the largest and most important German states during the late middle ages. Its rich monetary history culminated from the wealth and power of the region and an abundance of silver mines discovered in the mid-1400’s. Saxony and its capital, Dresden, prospered from the 15th to the 18th century before their [...]

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Piedforts or Pieforts – Educational Post


You will see these terms come up in my world coin descriptions on occasion, as they are one of my favorite categories of rare world coins. I felt that an explanation would be beneficial, since most American collectors are not familiar with them.

While both spellings are commonly used throughout numismatic literature, Piedfort is a French word meaning “strong foot,” or “heavy measure.” Although I can’t say with 100% certainty, I assume both meanings refer to the fact that piedforts are always unusually thick, [...]

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Maundy Coins (Great Britain) — Educational Post

Maundy coins consist of four small silver coins, penny, twopence, threepence and fourpence. The coins are produced annually and are given by the reigning King or Queen to elderly poor people who are deemed worthy. The presentation is a ritual performed on Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter, as part of a religious ceremony dating back to the reign of Edward II in the early fourteenth century. From then until 1670, the coins presented were regular issue pieces, usually silver pennies. The first issue of “special coins,” or Maundy [...]

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    Update on the Famous $69,000 Oregon Trail Commemorative Coin

Update on the Famous $69,000 Oregon Trail Commemorative Coin

There was an interesting post on the PCGS U.S. Coin Forum today (September 8, 2015), recalling the Superior Galleries Auction in 2004 when a spectacularly toned PCGS MS-67 first-generation (aka rattler)-holdered 1926 Oregon Trail Commemorative Half Dollar sold for an astounding $69,000. It set off a media firestorm. Normal price for an average MS-67 specimen would have been around $2,000 at that time. Many followup responses on the forum raised questions about the whereabouts of the coin today, whether it was getting darker in the holder, and even if [...]

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Fun Time at the PCGS Member’s Only Show

“That was the best 45 minutes I ever spent with ANY coin dealer ever!”

Posting on the PCGS U.S. Coin Forum, 9/3/15, by AUandAG:

First let me apologize for not taking a camera and I don’t own one of those cell phones either.

But, went to drop off a bunch of Morgans for grading and did not plan on spending much time looking for material as I’m pretty much dead broke at the moment. And of course this is when you see your holy grail and can’t buy it….Nah, not the case [...]

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