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Watch New Toned Indian Cent Video by Larry

Toned Indian Cent Proofs are the most beautiful, under-valued and under-appreciated (yet still affordable) segment of the American Rare Coin Market. Please watch this informative video to see some absolutely gorgeous coins, and learn why they are my favorite series to collect.

The Two Varieties of Indian Cents Struck in 1886

How to recognize 1886 Var.1 versus Var.2 Indian Cents

The two 1886 varieties are quite easy to distinguish, and once you see the difference you will be able to recognize them with your naked eye. The difference lies between where the bottom feather on the Indian’s head bonnet points, relative to the letters in America. Using the photos below, note that the bottom feather of the 1886 Var. 1 points between the I and C in America, while the much scarcer Var.2 shows the feather pointing between the C and [...]

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