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Make Every Purchase Special — Updated Feb. 2017

The Trends of the Future are Already Here
I recently received an email from a fellow dealer, with a photo of a coin owned by one of her customers. The customer wants to sell the coin, but in the dealer’s words, “He’s buried in it.”

Her question to me was, “Do you think I can get him out of it at any price close to his cost?”

The real question that immediately came to my mind was, “Why did her customer buy this coin?” It is a Mint State 65 DMPL [...]

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We Take Extra Steps for Your Benefit — Contents Updated Feb. 2017

Better Coins + Better Assurances = Better Value for You

1. All the coins we sell are in new unscratched PCGS holders, unless otherwise noted. Most are in PCGS Secure Holders for your added protection. We think PCGS Secure provides the anti-doctoring and artificial toning protection of CAC without all the CAC biases and negative issues.

2. We do not “max out” grades, or strive to achieve max+1 (65 quality in a 66 holder) or max+2 (65 quality in a 67 holder), as most dealers and auction companies do. We would [...]

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