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    Incredible Quality 1895 Morgan Dollar Entering Market, Graded PCGS PR-67+ Cameo

Incredible Quality 1895 Morgan Dollar Entering Market, Graded PCGS PR-67+ Cameo

Last Traded Hands in 1960, when Purchased by a Midwest Collector for $500!

A Proof-only 1895 Morgan dollar that has been off the market for nearly six decades is being offered without reserve by GreatCollections in an online auction closing today, April 7. As I post this there is just three hours of bidding to go, and the bid currently stands at $145,000, plus a 10% buyer’s premium. That raises the total price to $159,500, but I would not be surprised to see that number move higher in the final [...]

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Management Shake-up; Finally Willing to Address the CAC Issue; Better Tuned in to the “Real” Customers; New CEO Joe Orlando is the Real Deal, and Very Impressive; Lots of Positive Changes Ahead for Company That Had Grown Stale; Sleeping Giant Awakes – Expect Much More Aggressive Response to NGC, CAC, and Grey Sheet Propaganda!


Collectors Universe Announces Departure of David G. Hall as President and Chief Operating Officer

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Sept. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT), a leading provider of value-added authentication and grading [...]

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    SIMCO Customer J&L Achieves #1 and #2 All-Time PCGS Commemorative 50 Piece Type Set

SIMCO Customer J&L Achieves #1 and #2 All-Time PCGS Commemorative 50 Piece Type Set

SIMCO Major Source of Coins in #3 Set Also

Congratulations to our customer and great friends J&L on achieving Number 1 and Number 2 both Currently and ALL TIME on the PCGS Registry for Commemorative 50 Piece Type Set. Both sets are amazing, and there is no duplication between the sets. In other words, the 50 coins in the 2nd set are entirely different from the 50 coins in the 1st set. That’s an incredible accomplishment!

Even more incredible is that every individual coin deserves inclusion in finest known set. There [...]

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    PCGS Takes Coin Doctoring and Counterfeiting Security to New Level

PCGS Takes Coin Doctoring and Counterfeiting Security to New Level

We are a Strong Advocate of PCGS Gold Shield Grading

This is just one of several reasons why we emphasize PCGS Secure holders on most of the coins we sell to our customers, including all coins we submit ourselves for grading. Quite frankly, PCGS secure offers a much higher degree of collector protection than can be provided by any third party approval service. Unfortunately, many dealers avoid PCGS Secure for the same reasons we embrace it. I applaud PCGS for taking the already suburb Secure service to the next level.

Email [...]

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Make Every Purchase Special — Updated Feb. 2017

The Trends of the Future are Already Here
I recently received an email from a fellow dealer, with a photo of a coin owned by one of her customers. The customer wants to sell the coin, but in the dealer’s words, “He’s buried in it.”

Her question to me was, “Do you think I can get him out of it at any price close to his cost?”

The real question that immediately came to my mind was, “Why did her customer buy this coin?” It is a Mint State 65 DMPL [...]

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We Take Extra Steps for Your Benefit — Contents Updated Feb. 2017

Better Coins + Better Assurances = Better Value for You

1. All the coins we sell are in new unscratched PCGS holders, unless otherwise noted. Most are in PCGS Secure Holders for your added protection. We think PCGS Secure provides the anti-doctoring and artificial toning protection of CAC without all the CAC biases and negative issues.

2. We do not “max out” grades, or strive to achieve max+1 (65 quality in a 66 holder) or max+2 (65 quality in a 67 holder), as most dealers and auction companies do. We would [...]

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Watch New Toned Indian Cent Video by Larry

Toned Indian Cent Proofs are the most beautiful, under-valued and under-appreciated (yet still affordable) segment of the American Rare Coin Market. Please watch this informative video to see some absolutely gorgeous coins, and learn why they are my favorite series to collect.

The Two Varieties of Indian Cents Struck in 1886

How to recognize 1886 Var.1 versus Var.2 Indian Cents

The two 1886 varieties are quite easy to distinguish, and once you see the difference you will be able to recognize them with your naked eye. The difference lies between where the bottom feather on the Indian’s head bonnet points, relative to the letters in America. Using the photos below, note that the bottom feather of the 1886 Var. 1 points between the I and C in America, while the much scarcer Var.2 shows the feather pointing between the C and [...]

ANA Dallas National Money Show Report

I did not attend the ANA National Money Show in Dallas last week because Spring ANA National Money Shows are always over-hyped and almost always disappointing. Plus, in 30 years of traveling on the show circuit I have never had a worthwhile show in Dallas. But, despite my warnings, many of my dealer friends attended and took tables. Here’s how one of those dealers just described the show in a text:

“ANA was dead!!! Dallas is horrible coin town. Saturday morning 10 a.m. 3 people waiting to get in! [...]

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A Story About a Kid and an 1804 Silver Dollar

I developed an interest in coins when someone gave me a used Red Book when I was 10 years old. As kids that age often do when they find something new and interesting, I quickly got hooked, and immersed myself in discovering designs and denominations and history that I never knew existed. I opened and read that Red Book every day, studying designs, values and mintages, but the page I always turned to first was the page with the story of the most valuable U.S. coins, the 1804 Silver [...]

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    Update on the Famous $69,000 Oregon Trail Commemorative Coin

Update on the Famous $69,000 Oregon Trail Commemorative Coin

There was an interesting post on the PCGS U.S. Coin Forum today (September 8, 2015), recalling the Superior Galleries Auction in 2004 when a spectacularly toned PCGS MS-67 first-generation (aka rattler)-holdered 1926 Oregon Trail Commemorative Half Dollar sold for an astounding $69,000. It set off a media firestorm. Normal price for an average MS-67 specimen would have been around $2,000 at that time. Many followup responses on the forum raised questions about the whereabouts of the coin today, whether it was getting darker in the holder, and even if [...]

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2015 Chicago/Rosemont ANA World’s Fair of Money

The 2015 ANA World’s Fair of Money which ended last week was barely okay. It was better than the disastrous 2014 event, when the ANA foolishly allowed a handful of greedy fat-cat dealers to ruin the show for everyone else in attendance by busing in thousands of homeless, vagrants and street people; so they could corner the market for the new Kennedy Proof gold pieces and gouge the collecting public.

It came nowhere close though to the record setting, exciting show of 2011 in the same venue, or the 2012 [...]

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YES, We’re on Facebook

Visit us on Facebook,

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SIMCO Adds Chinese and World Coins Category

Reflecting our commitment to provide world coins of equal status to compliment our offering of beautiful U.S. coins, SIMCO will be adding to a new category of Chinese and World Coins to our website in the coming months. As with our U.S. coins, the emphasis will be on unequaled quality, rarity and/or world coins of unusual interest. Click on China and World on the See Our Coins page. Let us know if there are certain countries or issues that you would like us to pursue.

In recent years both PCGS [...]

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SIMCO Archives – Finest Known Isabella Quarter*

*From the original Shepherd Collection

Visit the SIMCO Archives ( under the See Our Coins tab) to see a sampling of the many amazing coins we have handled over the past three decades!

Catch a glimpse of how “cool” coins, and collecting coins, can be!

Think about letting us build you something special that will dazzle and amaze you and your friends! Whether a set, an entire collection, a Box of Twenty, or just some special and meaningful coins, we can put it together for you in a way that no one else can rival.

ANA Settles with Shepherd

Larry Shepherd, owner of SIMCO Numismatics and former Executive Director of the American Numismatic Association, has reached a mutually agreeable settlement with the ANA.

The ANA’s announcement of the settlement stated, “the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and former ANA Executive Director Larry Shepherd jointly announce that all claims arising from a lawsuit filed by Mr. Shepherd against the ANA and various individual defendants have been settled to the mutual satisfaction of all parties. Terms of the settlement will remain confidential, by agreement of the parties.”

The statement added, “the ANA acknowledges [...]

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Farewell Margo Russell

Unless you are over 50 and a long-time coin collector you probably don’t recognize the name Margo Russell. Margo was Editor of Coin World for 23 years before passing the Editor’s pen to Beth Deisher 29 years ago. She passed away yesterday (Jan. 26) at the grand age of 95, following a recent stroke. She was a grand and wonderful lady, lively and fully functioning until the day of her stroke. She recently told Beth that in addition to driving herself around, she still read 2-3 books per week, [...]

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RIP Jay Cline

A good friend for 40 years, and a true gentleman! I sold my very first coin collection to him in 1974 at his store on Salem Avenue in Dayton, Ohio. I used the proceeds for the down payment on my first home.

The owner of J.H. Cline Rare Coins died January 8, 2015 from injuries suffered in a car accident. Widely considered throughout the hobby as the premier expert on Standing Liberty Quarters, Jay never lost his passion for the series. He was a regular on the major coin show [...]

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2015 FUN Show Observations

It’s a new year, and the market hit the “reset” button at the annual Florida United Numismatists’ convention and coin show.

The previous five months’ coin shows were very weak, starting with the disastrous World’s Fair of Money Convention in Chicago, where the ANA allowed a small group of greedy fat-cat dealers to kill the show for everyone else by busing in thousands of transients, homeless and employment agency temps to buy the Kennedy commemorative gold pieces so they could skirt the rules and rip off the public. It [...]

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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

“All these big auctions, oh my! Newman, Gardner and Partrick, oh my! Pogue 1n 15, 16 and 17, oh my! The coin market cannot possibly absorb that much material! Oh my!”

That’s what we have been hearing over the past several months, as the Dorothys, the scarecrows and cowardly lions pull their bids, close their wallets, and run for the storm cellars.

Yes, auctions this big and so close together are unprecedented, but didn’t we all know for many years that they were coming? Eric Newman is 104 years old. Gene [...]

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My “Dream” Box of 20

IF MONEY WAS NO OBJECT (or if pigs could fly), these would be the coins I would most love to own in my personal “Box of Twenty:”

1) MCMVII Ultra High Relief $20 PCGS PR-69
2) 1804 Dollar, Sultan of Muscat Specimen, Watters, Child, Pogue PCGS PR-68
3) 1907 Indian Head Double Eagle Pattern
4) 1872 Amazon Gold Pattern Set
5) 1794 Silver Dollar PCGS SP-66
6/7) 1915-S $50 Pan Pac Round and Octagonal
8) Superb Quality $4 Stella
9) 1861 Paquet Reverse $20
10) 1804 Plain 4 Proof $10
11) [...]

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Throwback–The SIMCO Invitational 7/22/02

Reprinted from the PCGS U.S. Coin Forum

Written by Brian Sonnier (aka GSAGUY)

Monday, July 22, 2002 4:45 PM

Those of you who have been around this hobby for a number of years and certainly those of you who are fans of high-quality commemoratives know the name of Larry Shepherd and SIMCO Numismatics.

In the late 1980s, Larry assembled what was then (and may be to this day), the finest collection of monster toned commemoratives ever assembled. He sold the collection at auction in the early 1990s but has remained active in [...]

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Congratulations Rod Gillis

Congratulations to Rod Gillis, one of the “good” people at the ANA. Rod is the reason there will be a WWI U.S. commemorative coin. It has been Rod’s dream, and his initiative, that has resulted in the WWI Commemorative Coin bill passing the U.S. House and Senate this week. It goes to show what one person with a good idea and the perseverance to to work hard and fight for it for more than four years can accomplish. Great job Rod!

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Economics and Voting

Every American voter should be required to pass at least 12 credit hours of Economics courses.

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RIP David Weygant 8/4/14

For many years you were my customer, then you used me as your mentor when you retired to become a coin dealer. You often told people you modeled your business after mine, always seeking the best coins you could find for the grade. That was a tremendous compliment coming from someone I admired so much. But while I taught you about coins, you taught me about life, and how to live it to the fullest.

You were a beautiful man, in the ways men should be beautiful. Your honesty, integrity [...]

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