I personally believe that honesty, ethics, trustworthiness, integrity and how consignors are treated are all just as important as size, stature, advertising budget and how many zillions of registered bidders a firm claims to have. I don’t like firms that have a “our way or the highway” attitude. I don’t like to deal with firms that are one-sided on every aspect. I don’t like firms that are arrogant, talk down to you, or treat you like you should feel privileged to to business with them — and only on their terms. I don’t like firms that make their own rules and ignore all others, including fair play.

I think it is disingenuous to highlight a handful of coins that were sold for strong levels without mentioning the vast number of coins that sold for disappointing levels or way below consignors’ expectations.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of good choices.

While I cannot advise you who you should or should not use, I am happy to share with you who I use whenever I need auction assistance.

1.) Great Collections. Ian Russell and Raeleen Endo are wonderful people and they have built a first-class organization that works quickly and smoothly. They are easy and pleasant to work with. I use them for quick turnaround and for smaller-dollar items, which tend to get lost in the shuffle or stuck in the unphotographed, internet only sessions at the big auction houses.

2.) Legend Rare Coin Auctions. Their auctions are small, by design, but that also means all the coins are nice. Collectors don’t have to dredge through thousands of lots of overgraded undesirable coins to find something nice, so I think that will lead to further success for them as buyers continue to focus on quality.

Unfortunately I have two caveats regarding Legend Auctions: 1.) Their owner aggressively promotes CAC stickered coins to their audience, and talks down non-CAC coins, which creates a negative environment that is detrimental to non-stickered coins. While Legend Auctions is an option to consider for sale of CAC stickered coins, I do not recommend consignment of non-CAC coins to their auctions. 2.) Their catalog descriptions are awful.