I get a lot of questions from collectors about which major coin shows would be best for them to attend. Travel distance aside, if you are a collector longing for a positive big coin show experience, here are my suggestions, ranked in order.

Best National Coin Shows For Collectors:

1.) FUN Show (January)
Absolutely the biggest and best national show of the year. It’s the best place for collectors to find nice coins and the best show for dealers to sell to collectors. It is the only great super-show remaining.  Arrow: Strong-Up

2.) Whitman Baltimore (3 times a year)
Sadly, the social turmoil in Baltimore raises risk for attendees and uncertainty for this once premier venue moving forward, but it remains one of the largest and most active of the national shows. Arrow: Slight Down

3.) ANA Summer World’s Fair of Money (July/August) 

The ANA is in steep decline, and lacks competent in-house leadership and Board direction. For decades it’s trademark summer show was “the” show of the year, but sadly those days are long gone and the show has plummeted in importance and attendance since 2011. Look for continued decline in future years. Arrow: Strong Down

For another major dealer’s opinion on the ANA Summer Show, follow this link:


4.) Long Beach (3 times a year)

In decline recently, but still the best choice for west coast collectors. Arrow: Down

5.) Central States Numismatic Society (April)
No longer the first-tier event that it was 15-20 years ago, but still worthwhile for Midwest collectors. Arrow: Steady

6.) Summer FUN (July)
The Florida United Numismatists organization does a great job putting on well-run, user-friendly coin shows, but the summer event is smaller and not as well attended as its January show. Arrow: Down

Shows Not Worth The Time Or Expense:

ANA Spring National Money Show (March/April)
Arrow: Strong Down. This show is a total dud needs to be eliminated. Don’t waste your time or money.

PNG/ANA Tradeshow (July/August)
Arrow: Strong Down. This show needs to be eliminated.

Other PNG Shows
Arrow: Strong Down

While not listed here among the large national shows, there are numerous well-run regional shows that are smaller but worthwhile, especially if you are within driving distance; shows such as the Saint Louis/Saint Charles Silver Dollar Convention, PAN, Houston Money Show, GNA, Michigan State, Blue Ridge/Dalton, etc. These, and several more like them, will provide you an opportunity to see a lot of coins and meet a lot of nice people. Check the show schedules in Coin World or Numismatic News for dates and locations.

Updated 9/1/2017