“That was the best 45 minutes I ever spent with ANY coin dealer ever!”

Posting on the PCGS U.S. Coin Forum, 9/3/15, by AUandAG:

First let me apologize for not taking a camera and I don’t own one of those cell phones either.

But, went to drop off a bunch of Morgans for grading and did not plan on spending much time looking for material as I’m pretty much dead broke at the moment. And of course this is when you see your holy grail and can’t buy it….Nah, not the case today.

But, let me just say that I was looking at Larry Shepherd’s case and marveling at a Judd quarter of 1870. Lime green toning and just drop dead gorgeous. Larry was on a phone call so I just stared at it through the glass and then the PCGS plastic.
Glad I did not just walk away to come back at another time as Larry ended his phone call and we began to chat as he handed me the coin to view..Up close and personal it was a drool and then drool some more coin. I commented on how could such a coin could remain so well preserved for all these years and he said “Want to see something that few have ever seen?” Not one to say No to that question he pulled out a PCGS blue box that contained about a dozen Foreign coins. As he began to tell my
wife, Linda, and I the story of how these were located and how they were preserved it just blew me away.

Think Ireland, Scotland and England in 1805…(click on the link below to read the rest of the story)

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