Last Traded Hands in 1960, when Purchased by a Midwest Collector for $500!

A Proof-only 1895 Morgan dollar that has been off the market for nearly six decades is being offered without reserve by GreatCollections in an online auction closing today, April 7. As I post this there is just three hours of bidding to go, and the bid currently stands at $145,000, plus a 10% buyer’s premium. That raises the total price to $159,500, but I would not be surprised to see that number move higher in the final hours of bidding. Will it top $200,000? It’s possible. If you want to follow the auction go to

Ian and his staff are great to work with, by the way!

According to GreatCollections President Ian Russell, the coin last traded in 1960 when a Midwest collector bought it for $500 from a dealer. Upon the collector’s death, the coin passed to the collector’s son who has consigned it to auction.