Highest-Graded Certified Netherlands 1911 10 Gulden Gold Coin – $995

1911 Netherlands 10 Gulden Gold Coin, PCGS Secure Holder MS-66. Pop.7, with none higher.

This high end piece could easily be called MS-67, due to it’s virtually perfect satiny surfaces. It is the #1 CoinFacts Plate Coin!

Diameter 23MM, just slightly smaller than a Quarter. Go here for size comparisons to U.S. Coins: http://www.simcocoins.com/world-coin-size-chart-educational-post/

The area we now recognize as the Netherlands was part of Charlemagne’s empire in the 8th and 9th centuries, before losing control to Burgundy and the Austrian Hapsburgs, and finally to Spain in the 16th century. Led by William of Orange, the Dutch successfully revolted against Spanish rule in 1568. The seven northern provinces formed the Union of Utrecht and declared their independence in 1581, becoming the Republic of the United Netherlands. During the following century the Dutch became a great naval and colonial power, a patron of the arts and a refuge for the persecuted.

The United Dutch Republic fell to the French in 1795, and Napoleon made his brother Louis, the King of Holland in 1806. The French were expelled in 1813, and all the provinces of Holland and Belgium were merged into the Kingdom of the United Netherlands under William I in 1814. William I ruled until 1840, and oversaw the withdrawal of Belgium to form their own kingdom in 1830. William I was followed by William II, who ruled until succeeded by William III in 1849. Wilhelmina ascended to the throne in 1890 as William III’s successor.

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