Exquisite Albany Half Dollar, Tab Toned from 80 Years in Issue Holder – $3,800

1936 Albany Commemorative Half Dollar, PCGS MS-67. Very high-end for the grade, near 68 quality, with great eye appeal. Only three coins of this type are graded MS-68 at PCGS (all of which I have owned and sold). This coin has full MS-68 eye appeal, and is clearly under-graded. It should be in a MS-67+ holder, at a minimum.

I recently had the pleasure of acquiring an original Albany 5 card mint mailing holder with the coins intact, still raw. I acquired many commems this way back in the 1980’s, but it has become an extremely rare treat in the last 25 years. If you are not familiar with the original issue cards, view the photo to the right and you will no longer wonder how many commem from the late 1930’s acquired their distinct “Tab” toning. Tab toning has always been highly valued by advanced commem collectors as evidence of a coin stored unmolested for decades and never dipped to make it white.

This coin has never been to CAC.


Nearly all classic commems are priced at historically low levels for the past 30 years and most represent outstanding values at current prices.

极少数美国硬币。 伟大的中国投资者投币。对于购买美国投资纪念币的中国买家, 请与滕晓红联系, 联系号码是719-360-4290。

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