1862 Copper Nickel Indian Cent Proof, Way Under-graded and Beautiful – $4,400

1862 Indian Cent PCGS Secure Holder PR-65. Full Pr-66CAM, in my opinion, with pretty pastel toning. Great eye appeal for this date, or any Copper-Nickel. This coin was just graded last week, and the grading has been brutal in the past few weeks, while David Hall has been away recuperating from his surgery.

The mirrors in the field are amazing, as deep as ever seen, and the coin is clearly Cameo, if not Deep Cameo. Furthermore, it is mark free, so a 66 grade is a minimum, with the surfaces as clean as many 67’s.

I plan to resubmit the coin in Baltimore in November, but will offer it here for the time being. It’s not available at a normal dull, lifeless 65 price, but it will cost you a lot more if you wait until I get it properly graded as a PR-66CAM, or higher–say about $7500, or more, in one of those grades with such beautiful eye-appeal. Your choice.


极少数美国硬币。 伟大的中国投资者投币。对于购买美国投资纪念币的中国买家, 请与滕晓红联系, 联系号码是 719-360-4290。

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