One of the Finest 1886 Proof Indian Cents in Existence – $5,500

PCGS Secure Holder PR-67BN. Rarity Rating SR-2/C5. Near PR-67+ Quality, this is not a typical 1886 in PR-67, but is one of the finest proof 1886 cents I have ever seen.

From my personal collection, where it was my #1 coin for 1886 for many years, and pedigreed on the holder: The Larry Shepherd Collection

We do not send coins to CAC, we do not support CAC standards which we see as biased, arbitrary, and out of touch with the collector market; and we believe CAC is very harmful to the health of the market, so this coin has not been there.

国投资纪念币的中国买家, 请与滕晓红联系, 联系号码是 719-360-4290。

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How to recognize 1886 Var.1 versus Var.2

The two 1886 varieties are quite easy to distinguish, and once you see the difference you will be able to recognize them with your naked eye. The difference lies between where the bottom feather on the Indian’s head bonnet points, relative to the letters in America. Using the photos below, note that the bottom feather of the 1886 Var. 1 points between the I and C in America, while the much scarcer Var.2 shows the feather pointing between the C and A in America.

1886 Var. 1, bottom feather pointing between the I and C of America.

1886 Var. 2, bottom feather pointing between the C and A of America.