Possibly Finest Known 1863 Copper-Nickel Proof Indian Cent – $11,950


1863 Indian Cent PCGS Secure Holder PR-66CAM. Tied for highest graded, although mush nicer than the two similarly graded pieces that have come on the market in recent years. This coin is very near to perfection, and the #1 CoinFacts Plate Coin. It stands heads above other 1863 Cameos pictured in the CoinFacts archives. 1863 stands as one of the rarest dates in the Copper-Nickel series in high-grade CAM or DCAM. Finding a coin that is properly graded is quite the challenge, and unfortunately the last two PR-66CAM’s sold at auction in the last five years were blatantly over-graded. To be fair, I will show you pictures of those two coins for comparison:

The coin on the left was the most recent sale in 2016, and the only coin to sell below the $12,000 floor in many years. Graded PR-66CAM, the coin is a travesty of grade and eye appeal. Unfortunately the lower sales price of this coin caused PCGS to lower their Price Guide from $16,000 to $12,000, showing once again the damage done to the market by over-graded coins.

The coin on the right was also over-graded, with an obverse rim nick at 3:00 and poor eye appeal. Graded PCGS PR-66CAM and with a CAC sticker, it is an example of my contention that CAC cares more about dirty originality than quality or eye appeal. It sold for around $13,000.

I had the opportunity to buy both of the above coins, but I would never purchase a coin like either one of these for my clients.

We do not send coins to CAC, we do not support CAC standards which we see as biased, arbitrary, and out of touch with the collector market; and we believe CAC is very harmful to the health of the market, so this coin has not been there.

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