Very Flashy 1925 Vancouver Half Dollar – $625

1925 Vancouver Commemorative Half Dollar, PCGS Gold Shield MS-65

A highly lustrous piece, with complimentary blue and tan rim toning from album storage.

We recently had the highly unusual opportunity to purchase about 40 commemoratives that have been off the market since the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. It pays huge dividends to have a long term positive reputation in the commemorative field since deals like this sometimes come my way as a result. The man’s deceased father started purchasing commems from original issuers in the 1930’s and continued to supplement his holdings through purchases from prominent numismatic figures such as B. Max Mehl, Abe Kossoff, Stacks and others up until the late 1950’s. Some of the coins were left in their original issue holders, and you will see them offered here shortly. Others were stored in a Wayte Raymond album, such as the amazing Bay Bridge offered elsewhere on this site, and others, such as Arkansas’s and Boones, which were stored in envelopes which imparted a warm pearly patina on the coins. These coins have been stored away, untouched and unmolested for decades, so never dipped or messed with in any way. You rarely get that opportunity any more.

This coin is from that group. It was purchased at the 1949 ANA Convention.

Nearly all classic commems are priced at historically low levels for the past 30 years and most represent outstanding values at current prices.

极少数美国硬币。 伟大的中国投资者投币。对于购买美国投资纪念币的中国买家, 请与滕晓红联系, 联系号码是719-360-4290。

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From PCGS CoinFacts
David Hall:

The city of Vancouver is of course in Canada, but Fort Vancouver is in the state of Washington. The Vancouver half dollar was struck to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Fort Vancouver. The coins were sold at $1.00 each in August and September 1925. But the founding of Fort Vancouver was not really an event of national significance and sales were relatively limited. The original sales were only 14,994 pieces, which in subsequent years made the Vancouver half dollar one of the rarer commemorative half dollar types. In fact, by 1928-29, Vancouvers were fetching as much as $10 in the numismatic marketplace, though they settled back down to the $6 to $7 range by the 1930’s.

Today, the Vancouver is considered one of the more desirable coins in the 1892-1954 classic era series. And indeed, Vancouvers are scarce in Gem condition. There was a hoard of about 500 original mint state coins disbursed in 1982. Interestingly, Vancouvers were struck at the San Francisco Mint, but through some Mint production error, the “S” mint mark was not put on the coins.