1870 J-920 Pattern Quarter in Copper, High R-7 rarity; Fewer than 8 Known – $16,500

1870 25c, J-920 PCGS PR-66+RB; Finest graded by 2 1/2 Points!!

How rare is this coin? Even the famous Bob Simpson Pattern Collection lacked this variety! And the piece in the famous Bass Pattern Collection is far below the quality of this coin. It is simply unapproachable by any other known piece!

This coin is ultra rare and beautiful. The population of all pieces graded by PCGS and NGC in all grades combined is fewer than eight, and that may be overstated due to possible duplications. PCGS shows one PR-64BN and this PR-66+RB. There are no coins designated RD in any grade.

The obverse design, Liberty Head with star on band, is one of the prettiest designs in all of numismatics. The reverse features the open oak and laurel wreath, which is nearly as beautiful. Adding to the design, is some of the most gorgeous toning you will ever see on a pattern. The surfaces are very clean and highly lustrous adding to the coins wonderful appeal.

If you want to own a coin that is extremely rare, beautiful, and finest known; the best of the best, but not costing six figures–this is your opportunity.

这是一种非常少见硬币。 少于十个世界存在。 这是一个非常理想的投资有两面大增长潜力的值!

极少数美国硬币。 伟大的中国投资者投币。对于购买美国投资纪念币的中国买家, 请与滕晓红联系, 联系号码是719-360-4290。