Stunning 1963 Low Mintage 10 Soles Gold Coin from Peru – $1,595

Peru 10 Soles, PCGS Secure Holder MS-68; WINGS Silver Sticker. Simply awesome!

CoinFacts Plate Coin. Pop.1, highest graded, nothing else close. This gold coin is beautiful in design and booming yellow/gold luster. It is much lighter color and far more flashy than can be seen in the picture.

Only 3372 Gold Coins were struck for circulation in 1963, making it very scarce from the beginning. This is not a bullion coin, so survival in MS-68 is unheard of!

This is simply a cool coin, and the kind of coin that I expect to benefit greatly from the advancement
and acceptance of certification in the world coin community.

Peru has a storied history in numismatics, having authorized construction of a mint in 1565, 55 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock! The first New World coins were struck there in 1568.