Outstanding Quality 1859 Mint State Indian Cent – $2,850

1859 Indian Cent PCGS MS-65+. Population 7, with MS-66+ being the highest graded.

An outstanding example of this popular one year type coin, showing excellent luster for this typically dull date.

See what David Hall says about this date on CoinFacts:

“The 1859 is the first year of issue for the very important Indian Head cent series. Because a shield was added to the reverse in 1860, the 1859 is also a one-year-only type coin. I have always felt this issue doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Gems are definitely rare. In 1973, I had a customer tell me to buy him every Gem Flying Eagle cent and 1859 Indian cent I could find. In a year, I was able to find 35 Gem Flying Eagles, but only 8 Gem 1859 Indian cents.’

‘Most 1859 Indians are relatively well struck. Luster and color are typical for the 1859-1864 Copper-nickel composition Indian Head cents. There are many examples with subdued luster you could call mediocre. I have seen very few examples with what we would all call “blazing” luster, certainly less than I have seen of some of the other Copper-nickel dates.”

We do not send coins to CAC, we do not support CAC standards which we see as biased, arbitrary, and out of touch with the collector market; and we believe CAC is very harmful to the health of the market, so this coin has not been there.

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