1860 MS-67 Copper-Nickel Indian Cent With Rarely Seen Quality and Eye Appeal – $12,500


1860 Copper-Nickel Indian Cent PCGS Gold Shield MS-67.

Tied for finest known, with none graded higher. Very rare in this condition, with the last one of this grade coming to market in auction over 7 years ago in 2009. That coin realized $18,400, and the photos indicate it was not nearly as lustrous as this superb piece. There are no auction appearances since. This is truly a rare, once in a decade, opportunity. It is an important first year of a 4 year type coin, as well as a prize acquisition for the Indian Cent specialist.

It would be hard to imagine a cleaner, flashier, more breathtaking Copper-Nickel Penny, of any date. It is totally absent any stains or discolorations, leaving it’s luster to shine through as if it were just minted. The eye appeal and overall quality are both incredible. Numerous collectors and dealers have told me this is the finest Copper-Nickel cent they have ever seen. To my knowledge it has never been to CAC.

This is a coin for the Finest Indian Cent Collection, Mint State Type Collection, or a Box of 20 Collection of ultra-cool coins.

About Coins In This Section

The coins listed in this section, Connoisseur Quality, stand among the finest and/or most eye appealing examples known to exist for the stated grade. Coins of this extreme quality become available very rarely, and it is highly unlikely you will find them elsewhere.
These are examples of coins that usually trade “off the market.” That means they rarely change hands, and when they do they most likely will not be available on a web site or in an auction.
Usually the dealer who originally placed the coin reacquires it when it is time for the owner to sell, and immediately places it with another client with a single phone call. Hence it traded hands “off the market.” I have handled some of these coins as much as 4 or 5 times, yet they have not been seen in the open market in decades.
These are not price sheet coins. They trade in what we have always referred to as “the market above the market.” It is where the greatest collections are formed.
We do not send coins to CAC, we do not support CAC standards which we see as biased, non-transparent, arbitrary, and out of touch with the collector market; and we believe CAC is very harmful to the health of the market, so this coin has not been there.


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