1929 French 100 Franc Piedfort Essai, only 15 Minted – $5500

1929 France 100 Franc Piedfort* PCGS Secure Holder SP-66, WINGS Sticker; Pop.1, none graded in any other grade.

KM E51, Winged Head facing left, with leafy branches flanking a grain sprig on the reverse. Lettered edge.

Diameter 21MM, roughly the same as a Jefferson Nickel. Go here for size comparisons to U.S. Coins: http://www.simcocoins.com/world-coin-size-chart-educational-post/

Ultra low mintage of 15, but only a very few are believed to be in collector’s hands.

This is a really cool low mintage coin, and the kind of coin that I expect to benefit greatly from the advancement
and acceptance of certification in the foreign coin community.

极少数美国硬币。 伟大的中国投资者投币。对于购买美国投资纪念币的中国买家, 请与滕晓红联系, 联系号码是719-360-4290。

*What’s a Piedfort? Go here to learn: http://www.simcocoins.com/piedforts-or-pieforts-educational-post/