We are a Strong Advocate of PCGS Gold Shield Grading

This is just one of several reasons why we emphasize PCGS Secure holders on most of the coins we sell to our customers, including all coins we submit ourselves for grading. Quite frankly, PCGS secure offers a much higher degree of collector protection than can be provided by any third party approval service. Unfortunately, many dealers avoid PCGS Secure for the same reasons we embrace it. I applaud PCGS for taking the already suburb Secure service to the next level.

Email message received today from Don Willis, President of PCGS:
November 29, 2017

First of all we would like to thank you for all the support you have shown us in 2017. It is a testament to our joint efforts that PCGS is the standard for grading around the world.

We have a very exciting announcement for 2018. Two years ago, we began working with a software firm specializing in Expert Systems to develop a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and optical recognition system for coins. This system is self-learning and allows us to match any coin image to our entire library of coin photographs. We have been testing and refining the system for over one year and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It will become a crucial component of our fight against counterfeiting which will help us preserve the integrity of the PCGS brand worldwide.

While combating counterfeits is our primary motive for developing this system, it also performs all the functions for which PCGS Secure™ was developed. Therefore, effective January 1, 2018, the existing PCGS Secure system will be replaced by this new system. We are calling the new system PCGS Gold Shield™.

Effective January 1st all submissions of Express or higher services will automatically be included in the PCGS Gold Shield system. There is no need to purchase PCGS Gold Shield at Express and above service levels. For Regular and below, as well as some secondary services, the PCGS Gold Shield service can be purchased at an additional cost.

The PCGS Gold Shield is recognized around the world as a sign of safety and security. The new PCGS Gold Shield system will further strengthen that recognition and, we believe, help you sell more PCGS coins.

Before anyone panics, the PCGS Gold Shield service will have no influence on whether a previously graded coin upgrades. PCGS Gold Shield will be used primarily for counterfeit detection. It will not stop your regrade or raw submission from upgrading if we believe it is warranted – as always. This was a popular misconception of PCGS Secure, when in fact, internal tests showed that an identical percentage of PCGS Secure and non-Secure coins were upgraded. Our graders only grade the coin. Our goal is to be fair and objective on every coin regardless of the service.

Along with the introduction of this new system we are making several price changes to our services as well as our dealer discount program for 2018, and introducing two new services as well. Information on those changes will soon be available on our website or via phone.
We wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season. We will do our best to help your business prosper in 2018.

Don Willis, Mark Stephenson

Thank you for your support, Larry. We appreciate that you posted our email on your website.

Best regards,

Mark Stephenson
PCGS Vice President
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